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JourneyAI helps food companies launch more nutritious products, in less time, with unrivaled precision.

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Journey Foods IO

Introducing Ingredient Insights Services

JourneyAI Dashboard
Let us do the research for you by sending custom insights and articles for any ingredient in your portfolio directly to your inbox. On-demand food science reduces the amount of time spent researching so you can focus on mission-critical tasks.
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How We Help

Nutrition Forward

Find The Perfect Ingredient

JourneyAI analyzes millions of ingredients via flavor, nutrients, and texture to help you discover the perfect ingredient for any product.

Nutrition Forward

Develop In One Place

The JourneyAI Dashboard provides an easy platform to organize your R&D. No more lost notes or glitchy excel sheets.

Nutrition Forward

Optimize Current Offerings

Upload existing products to get nutrient insights and enhancement suggestions based on your product goals and customer needs.

Core Benefits

Research Dashboard

Smart Research Dashboard

The Dashboard is your go-to hub for developing products with data and research, designed from the ground up to replace the old, clunky systems of the past.

  • Formulate new recipes rapidly
  • Manage your entire product line
  • Learn from business insights
  • Secure, cloud-based storage
Nutrition Forward

Nutrition-Forward R&D

Our unique approach puts nutrition at the forefront of product development, helping you formulate products according to specific consumer and company goals.

  • Target specific nutrients
  • Find ingredients quickly
  • Create functional foods easily
  • Serve your customers better
AI-Powered Database

AI-Powered Database

We feed data from dozens of sources to the JourneyAI database to enable a product development experience that surpasses the precision and speed of traditional teams.

  • Explore exotic ingredients
  • Data-driven suggestions
  • No guessing games required
  • Improve team productivity

The Future of R&D is Here

The Old Way

Total Time:

6-12 Months

  1. Begin with a concept: “What if we make a product that’s high in Vitamin C?”
  2. Explore the options via internet research, speaking with suppliers, and brainstorming.
  3. Create dozens of prototypes with various ingredients and formulations.
  4. Test countless variations of each formulation over months to find your winner.
  5. Manufacture and launch your product.

The JourneyAI Way

Total Time:

3-5 Months

  1. Begin with a concept: “What if we make a product that’s high in Vitamin C?”
  2. Insert nutrition, texture, and flavor goals into the Dashboard’s product builder.
  3. Instantly receive AI-powered suggestions on ingredients and recipes.
  4. Test a few formulations over weeks to find your winner.
  5. Manufacture and launch your product.
Journey Foods IO

See How it Works

JourneyAI Dashboard

GuD used JourneyAI to launch a new line of protein bars and couldn’t believe how quickly they were able to get product on shelves.

“We were amazed how robust JourneyAI was for helping us target a very specific nutritional profile. It easily saved us months in research and development time.”

— Corrie Sims , Founder

Journey Foods IO

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