Smarter Research and Development

We've built a platform and reporting interface that helps support new product development and nutrition precision.




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And more...

Easy Customization
We partner with farmers, hospitals, corporate wellness researches and more to create targeted micro foods for their customers.
Super Fast
Research takes time, our machine learning is supported by scientists looking to increase the pace and efficiency of innovation.
Save Money
Healthy convenience food costs too much. We're solving this with more efficient product runs.
New Data
Our teams of biologists, farmers, and data scientists are always updating our data pipeline.
Proven Technology
Our patent pending technology helps guide nutrition and health benefit accuracy.
100% Satisfaction
We are at the crucial intersection of convenience, taste, and nutrition. Why not?

Smart Research Dashboard

Our scientists are iterating on-the-go nutrients with data models and prototyping faster; the new R&D.

Charts, Diagrams & more

We catalog these properties for thousands of potential ingredients. Using Machine Learning, our database of ingredient properties is sent as input to predictive models. Machine learning algorithms analyze different combinations of these, we then track ingredients and log them for supply chain optimization.