Simplicity, Vision, and Connection

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You may have noticed that our Journey Foods and JourneyAI sites recently underwent a small makeover. We’re thrilled to share what prompted the new look and how we’re moving forward with zest for our mission and purpose.

With sales growth and investments, we are able to invest in new design branding and additional marketing support. We want to amp up how Journey Foods communicates its values and we believe visual elements can help reflect them: global sustainability, the future of work, biodiversity, and helping people across socioeconomic divides access nutrient-rich foods.

We will continue to sell small batches of our research product: Journey Bites at These products help us test our data and methodologies in real-time.

We hope our websites,, and this site, are now easier to navigate than ever and communicate succinctly the value our software brings to our customers. Of course, iterations, our a part of our game.

But, we want to connect with our customers on more than a website. We believe customer engagement is critical to providing the best ingredient database and product management software on the market, and we want to be that company for you.

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for general company news and food industry news we think is worth a discussion. We also send a general Journey Foods newsletter that highlights trends we are seeing in food, recipes going viral on social media, new positions at our company, and events we are participating in. We will also let our email subscribers know about new blog posts, so you won’t miss an article you are interested in.

For our product customers in supply chain or IT, we have two separate accounts on Twitter and Instagram for you to follow. We also have a dedicated newsletter for only our IO customers so you won’t miss new product updates, our product team’s tips, and data milestones.

We hope you will enjoy these new changes and that you’ll be a part of the journey. We are incredibly grateful for our earliest customers and we look forward to giving back with content that is both fun and helpful to you.

– The Journey Team

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