Michelin Rated Consumer Packaged Goods

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Le Chain Chef

Is fine dining burned out? Societies’ upper echelon base of restaurant fans and feared inspectors are currently hunting for this complex equation’s solution. Tastemakers in New York City believe there’s a likely probability a symbiotic relationship between a new and old school chef is the formula to unveil the concoction. 

Currently, on cloudy days, the tech gods are making economic predictions to consult the restaurant industry’s titans about their establishments’ future. Thankfully, respected technology enthusiasts are willing to collaborate with chefs, farmers, fishers, and foragers to help develop future Three-Star Michelin restaurants. This type of healthy ecosystem is vital and ensures everyone eats.

Fine dining isn’t dead! However, it’s evolving into its holographic form. The real question is who, what, where, when, and why? Do you prefer eating in the private dining room or public dining room? Are you hungry yet? 

Regardless, we need to keep restaurants in business. Here at Journey Foods, we recommend chefs incorporate an element of CPG (consumer packaged goods) into their tool-belt. Considering future market conditions, chefs will need to extend outside of their house to sustain their kitchens. 

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– Feature Image: New Yorker July 15th, 1944