Mental Wellness: Looking Forward in the CPG Industry

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  • CPGs may find themselves chasing the mental wellness market.
  • Over $50 billion in food and beverage purchases were influenced by marketing in 2018-2019

August is our month to speak a little about mental health in the CPG and food tech industry.

Our first mental health blog was a primer. It covered some of the general correlations between nutrition and mental wellness.

But today we wanted to take a closer look at some recent CPG (consumer packaged goods) trends and how they interact with the world of mental wellness.

Purchase Decisions Based on Mental Wellness Claims in Food


According to research posted by Nielsen (52-week study ending September of 2019):

  • $50.6 billion in food & beverage purchases were influenced by marketing pertaining to Anxiety Support
  • $47 billion in food & beverage purchases were influenced by marketing pertaining to Sleep Support
  • $38.6 billion in food & beverage purchases were influenced by marketing pertaining to Depression Support
  • $29.2 billion in food & beverage purchases were influenced by marketing pertaining to Brain Health

Gen Z is predicted to be more aware and vocal about mental health concerns.

Because of this, one can infer that the money spent on food and beverages for mental health reasons will increase. Marketing claims about mental health will become more and more present – especially as research concerning nutrition and mental health continues to proliferate.

So What Does This Mean for the CPG World?

It means that R&D processes will evolve and change.

More money will be spent on determining which ingredients affect particular aspects of mental health, and more time will be spent educating consumers on these nutrition/wellness factors.


Companies and manufacturers may begin increasing marketing and labeling efforts – targeting mental wellness issues. Similar to carbon labels, more detailed labels for nutrition and sustainability efforts are becoming the norm.

It appears that CPG companies existing in the realm of nutrition and wellness will find themselves faced with new opportunities as well as new challenges.

What Are Some Popular Mental Health Foods and Supplements?

Harvard Health mentions some supplements that can be used for mental wellness.

These foods and supplements mentioned above could become more prevalent in packaged products. In the near future, CPG companies may use a specific subset of ingredients to target mental maladies.

Foods and supplements like Valerian, CBD, Hemp, L-theanine, GABA, Folic acid, Ginko Biloba, Melatonin, and others will find their way (or already exist) on grocery store shelves in the form of beverages, candy, gummies, or even marshmallows.

Food Technology


The world of food tech is vast and expansive. The possibilities for growth and change are nearly endless.

So where do we go from here?

At Journey Foods, our mission is to provide technology that you can use to solve problems. Our software helps you utilize ingredients. We want to help companies find ways to innovate from a blank slate OR from within an already existing product line.

We are living in a time and place where ingredients can be used as technology. We have the resources to make change and gain knowledge… so why not take advantage and run with it?

Research is finding new insights about nutrition every day.

Journey Foods is ready to change the world of food and tackle the issues. If proper nutrition can help those suffering from poor mental health, we want to help make it happen.

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