Happy International Coffee Day!

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What would we do without coffee? We cannot even think of an answer before our first cup or two. And judging by the fact that #InternationalCoffeeDay is celebrated worldwide, we know billions of people feel the same way we do too.

Why the World Loves It

Coffee is an early-in-the-day standby, but this ingredient goes beyond its brewing volume capacity. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants. Caffeine (1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine) has cognitive benefits that we have enjoyed for decades, including mood-enhancing, attention and memory improvement. Coffee houses in the 16th Century in Turkey were the centres of information and education. However, when consumed on a daily basis, it is important to understand our limits. A daily and high consumption of coffee (3 cups or more) can inhibit the absorption of vitamin D and certain B vitamins. Caffeine also interferes with the absorption of calcium, even hours after.  

The caffeine in coffee is also linked to speeding up your metabolism and improving physical performance in the gym to help consumers shed body fat. Clinical studies have linked the miracle brew to a risk reduction for Type 2 diabetes and colon cancer. 

Coffee offers a distinct flavor for dessert snacks, like eclairs, and savory rubs for barbecue and steaks. Beyond food recipes, it is an ingredient used in trendy beauty products because caffeine can temporarily firm the skin. It can be found in eye creams to minimize dark circles and in body care products, like scrubs and body creams, for cellulite appearance reduction and general firming. 

So what is our team ordering on our coffee break? 

Jenn, Operations Lead

Here is my daily grind from Compass Coffee! Compass Coffee first made its appearance in the White House in 2015. Black, manual pour-over.” 

Nikki, Marketing

“I try to start my morning with a cold brew. The cold brew process makes the coffee taste less bitter and acidic. When I need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, I love to get a latte made with oat milk or soy milk. I’m usually looking for something that will give me a bit of protein while also being lower in dietary fat.” 

Riana, Chief Executive Officer 

“I’m a fan of 94% coffee and 6% cashew milk. It has a super-rich flavor with great viscosity and reminds me of west African cashew farms I’ve visited.” 

Chloe, Food Science Project Manager 

“My favorite cup of coffee is an organic, Fair Trade, Arabica from the highland of Ethiopia served in good company and without sugar. I prefer Arabica for its sensory attributes but also its lower caffeine content.” 

Paulina, Intern and Data Science Student  

“My favorite coffee order is simple: one small, hot coffee, a dash of milk, a packet of sugar.”


Demand for coffee is expected to triple by 2050, and there is a bold initiative to make coffee the world’s first fully sustainable agricultural product called The Sustainable Coffee Challenge.

One of our keystone beliefs at Journey Foods is that we want to help the packaged food industry choose sustainable options and bring better, more nutritious packaged foods to more people worldwide. 

We would like to be a part of helping manufacturers move towards sustainability, whether it’s helping you source the right vendors or find the best packaging options for your product. We want your Journey Foods dashboard to be the central hub of getting your vision to market. 

Learn more about the Sustainable Coffee Challenge Initiatives: 

Scaling Up Sustainable Sourcing

Farm Renovation & Rehabilitation  

Improved Labor Practices & Supply

Mapping & Monitoring of Coffee and Forests